A Place to Give. A Place to Grow. A Place to Prosper.


Prosper Place is a peer-led organization serving people living with the effects of mental illness.


To provide a safe, inclusive environment where peer members enhance their quality of life and develop new skills to lead productive, dignified and socially satisfying lives.


Prosper Place, founded in 1993, is a non-profit society and a registered charity.  Governed by a volunteer board of directors, our organization was originally founded based on the internationally established clubhouse model of purposeful work and empowerment.

Recovery Colleges are part of a global movement, aiming to provide courses to people who wish to learn more about wellness and recovery. Prosper Place is a proud partner of the Wellness Network Learning Community, within which we offer education courses that are co-produced and co-facilitated by someone with lived experience of trauma or mental health challenges. The recovery college education model seeks to empower people to draw from their own life experiences and to participate from a place of knowing and experience.

Peer leadership and peer to peer support are important elements of our daily routine. Prosper Place is proud to be a peer-led organization.  

Throughout the years, Prosper Place has evolved into a multi-dimensional organization that encourages exploration of self-directed paths of recovery and wellness.