Help Us Reach Our Goal

Now more than ever, we need to find ways to stay connected with our community. No One should feel alone or without the support needed to get through this challenging time.
Prosper Place has a goal of gaining 10 monthly donors at $10 per month.....can you be one of our new monthly donors?!

10 new donors, 10 dollars a month, 10th month, 10th one of our TEN!!!

Call or email Jessica today to set up your easy monthly donation - 780.426.7861 or 

Help reduce the stigma around mental health


"Prosper Place has given me purpose again; I love coming here each day." ~ peer member

Mental Health Tip #1 - Furry Friend

Mental Health Tip #2 - Omega 3’s

Mental Health Tip #3 - Sleep

Mental Health Tip #4 - Family & Friends